My First Day At ColoredCow

14th Of June, My first day at ColoredCow.


Me, Shubham and Dhiraj stayed in the office at night. So we had to wake up early in the morning. It was about 7 AM when I woke up. I took a bath sooner(which normally don’t happen, such early ūüėÄ). Then I went online and published a post about Why one should do an Internship? KD then invited me to ColoredCow¬†Slack account(Slack is sexy). Then we all members of¬†ColoredCow¬†had tea after which there occurred conversation with Prateek. That conversation have various important points which has¬†immense of importance in our life. Various do’s were told. One of them was to study Code Complete 2 properly. One point that I loved most and will try to adapt in myself will be¬†deliberate practice. Continue reading

Why one should do an Internship?

intrenship internBeing the month of June, it is the perfect time for you to boost your learning by doing some kind of internship. I’m currently a 2nd year student who joined Coloredcow one day ago. Many of my friends and even my parents asked me why I joined internship at¬†the end of my 2nd year when I had time during 3rd year. So here I am explaining the importance of internship with my point of view. Continue reading

How To Prepare For Approaching Exams

examinaton preparation and tips

Month of May and June are always pain in ass for students as they are heading towards their yearly examinations. Exams are the most inevitable part of any student’s life whether he or she is in school, college or pursuing higher education. But student take exams in much more horrific way than it’s supposedly meant to be. They don’t realize that exams are not meant to measure their knowledge, but it gives them a platform or a scale to measure their own ability, skill set and understanding of the world in a more competitive way. But of-course, most student don’t understand the complexity associated with exams. Continue reading