Something went wrong with my Last Night Fight Protocol

funny-student-last-night-fightI was not blogging since lot of time and after posting this post, I’ll like to thank my internal exams for giving me a way to come back to blogging. In engineering colleges, mostly in boys,  there is always a protocol of not studying entire time but cramming the whole syllabus in just one night, one last night before exam. But this time I think there is something wrong with my last night fight protocols(tomorrow is networking exam, so the word protocols is coming often in my mind).  I don’t know for what reason, maybe it’s due to very less syllabus, there are some errors in my protocols.

Here is list of things I’m busy with doing till now: Facebook, you tube, learning to play Harmonica, listening to Green Day, continuously thinking about what should I study for tomorrow and now blogging again after lots of time.

But for sure, soon my panic monster is going to rise, and I will be running to find a teacher, a helping hand who will complete the whole course within few hours(for sure this helping hand will be Rohit Pandey). So here is my study plan, to do something silly till 12, run to find Rohit and then late night fight for exams. I hope that I will be able to achieve my plan.

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