A simpler view of Google Analytics

data-analytics-google-analytics-beginner-simple-introductionI was thinking of blogging about analytics from many days, but I didn’t because I wanted to have a better understanding of Data Analytics and Google Analytics before sharing that out with you. So first of all I would like to tell how I came across Google Analytics. If you have read my previous post you will be knowing how different tasks were provided to us(If you don’t, read here). So I was given the task to explore the field of Google Analytics, which will then extend to Data Analytics. It’s been exactly one week, so I wanted to share what I learned in this span of time.

So let me start by giving a glance of What is Data Analytics. Data analytics is the process of collecting raw data, examining them and then make some decision on the basis of analyzed data to improve the current condition of business. Since we are surrounded by big amount of data around us, Data Analysis is playing major roles in most of the fields like Web analysis, Banking, Healthcare, Science and Research, Telecom, Machine and Device, and many more.

This is only a broader view of data analysis, diving deeper will tell us how much we depend upon data to improve. For example, marks system in class is an example of data analysis. If you have ever searched for How to become better, How to improve at solving problems and similar queries of self improvement, you must have noticed one thing similar. Let me explain that in context of this heavily searched query “How to manage my time?”. So the first step in answering this query will be record or write all the activities you do or want to do in a day, which means collect your data. Next step will be to look at the list you made and then select those productive work which will have impact on your day, leading to analysis phase of data science. This not only cover analyzing how much productive work you do but also analyzing how much time you wasted on doing unproductive work. The next step will be change your routine and prioritizing your task, which is the next step of data analysis, conversion for better results. So you can see how data science has surround way of living.

Now let me tell about what is Google Analytics(GA). According to Wikipedia, GA is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about activity on a website. On its website, Google explains that the system “helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs, wherever they are along the path to purchase.” It is the world’s most popular Web Analytics Tool. I will continue telling about the use of Google Analytics and in the next post I will tell you about How to setup GA, so stay tuned.

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