One month being part of a team I’m Proud Of

one-month-journey-at-coloredcow13 June was the first day when I entered ColoredCow. I still remember my first day at ColoredCow, it was complete new feeling. Whatsoever I thought about Industry completely changed in my mind. The working atmosphere at ColoredCow  was just how I saw on videos of Internship at google and facebook. When I joined at 13, the first thing I saw was, people at ColoredCow were cooking, and it was like whats this is going on. So first thing  did at ColoredCow was to eat 🙂 Now I’m habitual of these things which only happens when you have a enjoyable team, and I’m regularly searching on youtube about what I can make(surely will make something delicious).

Apart from this, we intern@2016 were provided with some task. Seriously speaking, we sucked at starting. Most of the time of the first month, we didn’t performed as expected. We lacked communication, our code was not standardized, and many more things which lead to 2 serious talk with Prateek. The second talk appeared to be more effective(I think so). After that talk, I thing we are on good track.

And there comes the judgement day, 9 July, lots of day have passed and it’s time to show what we have done based on planning done after 2nd serious talk. We three(Dhiraj, Shubham and Me) didn’t slept well that night, next day was really sleepy. Demo of what we worked on went well and then there came something else out of the box. We are now provided with separate task, Dhiraj is working on Product Requirement and Design, Shubham is working on WordPress and Nitin(that’s me 🙂 ) is working on Google analytics. So it’s now 3 people 3 task but soon in future they will come together to solve one problem.

That was just the slight glance of one month journey in ColoredCow. The real experience we are having, sorry, I can’t express that in words. This is the start of a beautiful journey, there still lots of things ahead 🙂

5 thoughts on “One month being part of a team I’m Proud Of

  1. lata kc says:

    good keep it upp..u guys r doing very jst a first stair of ur career..u ll hv to face so many phases in ur life to make ur career bright

    so jst be prepared for evrything..n njoy ur every moment of ur life..god bless u

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy to see your comment. Thanks for the appreciation. Yeah it’s just first stair of my career, but with the cooperation of people like you, I’m ready to face the long stairs ahead in my life


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