What I learned from 21 guns by Greenday

21GunsVideo2009G&CI was hearing 21 Guns by Greenday(while feeling high, weekend chill), when I realized the actual meaning of the song. So I will tell you the actual meaning of the song that i realized(fell free to tell what you realized from the song). At start of the song, when the gunshot starts, both, girl and boy feel highly terrified. They at first scream seeing the condition around there atmosphere. But soon then they come forward, moves towards each other and soon they are together while there are stills lots of gunshots going around them.

Now the main thing that I learned wasn’t to stand in bullets and kiss your love, but the main thing I liked was, even in presence of lots of distraction, they did what they felt from heart. Similarly, giving a metaphor to life, there are always lots of problems around us. So even when there are gunshots around you, trying to touch you, you don’t even look at them at do what you want to. When you at first start at some phase of your lie, you always know that it’s gonna be tough, there will be more powerful gunshots, lots of problems while you never heard go.

So what this songs really conveyed me was, in my life there will be lots of problem so we need to stop thinking. Even if problem stays there in the condition of surrounding, we can just neglect the voices around you and just focus on your work.



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