A simpler view of Google Analytics

data-analytics-google-analytics-beginner-simple-introductionI was thinking of blogging about analytics from many days, but I didn’t because I wanted to have a better understanding of Data Analytics and Google Analytics before sharing that out with you. So first of all I would like to tell how I came across Google Analytics. If you have read my previous post you will be knowing how different tasks were provided to us(If you don’t, read here). So I was given the task to explore the field of Google Analytics, which will then extend to Data Analytics. It’s been exactly one week, so I wanted to share what I learned in this span of time. Continue reading

One month being part of a team I’m Proud Of

one-month-journey-at-coloredcow13 June was the first day when I entered ColoredCow. I still remember my first day at ColoredCow, it was complete new feeling. Whatsoever I thought about Industry completely changed in my mind. The working atmosphere at ColoredCow  was just how I saw on videos of Internship at google and facebook. When I joined at 13, the first thing I saw was, people at ColoredCow were cooking, and it was like whats this is going on. So first thing  did at ColoredCow was to eat 🙂 Now I’m habitual of these things which only happens when you have a enjoyable team, and I’m regularly searching on youtube about what I can make(surely will make something delicious). Continue reading

What I learned from 21 guns by Greenday

21GunsVideo2009G&CI was hearing 21 Guns by Greenday(while feeling high, weekend chill), when I realized the actual meaning of the song. So I will tell you the actual meaning of the song that i realized(fell free to tell what you realized from the song). At start of the song, when the gunshot starts, both, girl and boy feel highly terrified. They at first scream seeing the condition around there atmosphere. But soon then they come forward, moves towards each other and soon they are together while there are stills lots of gunshots going around them. Continue reading