Connecting People

people-connecting-communityFor a long time, and sometimes today, I didn’t find myself in a lot of conversations with people I didn’t know, and when I did, I was uncomfortable. This was due to my shyness or I  can say it started way back early. When I joined Saraf Public School, my school from where I did my 12th, we were asked to speak in English or we will be fined. As a reason, I stopped communicating with my classmates. But soon I realized that it was the time to remove my shyness. I’m trying to shed much of my shyness through deliberately speaking up more and other forms of comfort-zone-pushing, so that I can connect with others.

But still there was a problem I was facing of deciding to whom I should connect. I made my own answer to connect with those who belong to computer science field but now when I think of this idea of mine, I feel wrong about it. After having just few day at ColoredCow, I eventually made a discovery that really opened new ways of thinking for me. I see the potential for connection in just about everyone now; I no longer feel bound by differences of age, interests, cultures, or opinions.

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