First Code Review

late_night_mentoring_first_code_review_17_june_2016The main purpose of life is to learn, we all are here in this world to learn and make this learning count. Since few days we learned various new things (Git, AWS, WordPress), and this was the time to demo what we have learned till now. So a Code Review Process was organized. The Code Review Process started with viewing what we had done and how we did it. There were lots of changes that needed to be made(really lots of) and various new things were told to learn (Ajax, Plugin development, markdown language and more, now I can say I’m a busy man).The mistake we made was, we developed the assignment in WordPress using PHP, which we now know is not a good practice. But yes, we learn from our mistakes, and now after this late night meeting, we know the right way. The only purpose of meeting was to correct us, and I can say that, after the meeting, we are heading in the right way.

During conversation like this, there are various statements that make an impact, deep inside us. One of them was, “Prepare for the marathon, not the sprint” By Prateek. The things we are learning are not just for now, these will benefit us in future. The things that have been told to us to learn, we don’t need to learn them all in one night (like B.Tech course), we have our time to learn, and prepare ourself for the marathon of life.

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