Why am I blogging?

blogging-why-should-i-blog-why-am-i-bloggingAs now a days I’m blogging at regular interval of time, many of of friends and colleague are asking about it. They have a constant curiosity about knowing why am I blogging? At ColoredCow, we are asked to blog on regular interval. But the main reason I blog regularly is, I’m starting to love it. I used to blog earlier on my blog, but the main focus at that time was just to earn money. I was unable to blog properly, I understand now, the reason I was lacking passion. But now as passion in me for blogging is increasing, I am blogging regularly. Is this was the topic? The topic was Why am I blogging? Why?

  • I’m Improving My Communication Skills:

    I can surely say that my English is very bad (and my vocabulary sucks, thanks to google, I just used it to know the spelling of vocabulary 😀  and for grammar, thanks to Ginger Grammar Checker). At starting, to write a post, I always used to need someone, who can help me out in starting, then at the middle, and then at last, I mean regular help was needed. But now after few interval of blogging, I‘m comfortable in writing a post and even I can say due to blogging, I will feel more comfortable while writing any other document.

  • I Share:

    Topics that I choose for blogging are the incidence that occurs to me. I share them on daily basics. Last post on Stone Soup, was one of the story which I heard and wished to share with you all.

  • I Connect:

    I can’t describe the awesome feeling I get when I see likes and comments in my post. It appears like I’m connecting with someone new. When people reach my blog, it feels to me that I have made a new community which is united by the thoughts prevailed by the blog.

  • I learn:

    Whenever I blog, I used to look at my previous years to collect any incident that can play a better example to you. This makes me rewind my success and mistakes and learn from them. Also, before posting any post, I do some research which helps me to learn new things. In my previous tech blog, one of the audience asked me a question which I wasn’t aware of. But sooner I learned that thing and helped him out, see I learned again.

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