Why one should do an Internship?

intrenship internBeing the month of June, it is the perfect time for you to boost your learning by doing some kind of internship. I’m currently a 2nd year student who joined Coloredcow one day ago. Many of my friends and even my parents asked me why I joined internship at the end of my 2nd year when I had time during 3rd year. So here I am explaining the importance of internship with my point of view.

  • Exposure to opportunity :

    I had some projects recently. But none of them were formal kind of work that is needed in industry. So doing an internship will not only provide exposure to opportunity, but also help you to increase your skills as you will develop all the projects under expert visions.

  • Learn from mentor :

    The mentor provides a great role model for us and they provide a friendly atmosphere for us to learn. Asking questions from mentors will help you to sharpen your skills.

  • Be Professional:

    One of the important thing is becoming professional and adapting yourself with the environment of the industry. It provides opportunity to work in a team with other experts. The internship also provides a complete formal view on the development process of a product.

  • Boost Your Experience :

    The internship provides an opportunity to work on live projects which provide immense of experience. Learning new technology and working on projects will not only provide experience, but also will be beneficial in strengthening your confidence.

  • Strengthen your CV:

    It’s natural and obvious that if you have more experience, you will have a better CV. Yet, most students and graduates don’t have work experience when they leave college. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with that. The difference will arise when you have to perform and demonstrate that you understand the business in a fast way, know how to work on a team and assume responsibilities. Having an internship experience might give you a story to tell beyond having spent your university life studying.


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