80/20 Rule in context of Eat That Frog

eat-that-frogI was hearing about the 80/20 rule form early days, but never focused on finding what it was. And then Prateek told me to read “Eat that frog” By Brian Tracy, where I actually read 80/20 rule for the first time, and now I am trying to apply this rule in my life.

The 80/20 rule is one of the most helpful concepts of time and life management. It’s also called “Pareto Principle”, after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who first wrote about it in 1895. He divided society into to parts, one called the “vital few”,the top 20%, and the other, the “trivial many”, the bottom 80%. This principle says that 20% of our activities will account for 80% of our results. Continue reading

Connecting People

people-connecting-communityFor a long time, and sometimes today, I didn’t find myself in a lot of conversations with people I didn’t know, and when I did, I was uncomfortable. This was due to my shyness or I  can say it started way back early. When I joined Saraf Public School, my school from where I did my 12th, we were asked to speak in English or we will be fined. As a reason, I stopped communicating with my classmates. But soon I realized that it was the time to remove my shyness. I’m trying to shed much of my shyness through deliberately speaking up more and other forms of comfort-zone-pushing, so that I can connect with others. Continue reading

First Code Review

late_night_mentoring_first_code_review_17_june_2016The main purpose of life is to learn, we all are here in this world to learn and make this learning count. Since few days we learned various new things (Git, AWS, WordPress), and this was the time to demo what we have learned till now. So a Code Review Process was organized. The Code Review Process started with viewing what we had done and how we did it. There were lots of changes that needed to be made(really lots of) and various new things were told to learn (Ajax, Plugin development, markdown language and more, now I can say I’m a busy man).The mistake we made was, we developed the assignment in WordPress using PHP, which we now know is not a good practice. But yes, we learn from our mistakes, and now after this late night meeting, we know the right way. The only purpose of meeting was to correct us, and I can say that, after the meeting, we are heading in the right way.

During conversation like this, there are various statements that make an impact, deep inside us. One of them was, “Prepare for the marathon, not the sprint” By Prateek. The things we are learning are not just for now, these will benefit us in future. The things that have been told to us to learn, we don’t need to learn them all in one night (like B.Tech course), we have our time to learn, and prepare ourself for the marathon of life.

Why am I blogging?

blogging-why-should-i-blog-why-am-i-bloggingAs now a days I’m blogging at regular interval of time, many of of friends and colleague are asking about it. They have a constant curiosity about knowing why am I blogging? At ColoredCow, we are asked to blog on regular interval. But the main reason I blog regularly is, I’m starting to love it. I used to blog earlier on my blog, but the main focus at that time was just to earn money. I was unable to blog properly, I understand now, the reason I was lacking passion. But now as passion in me for blogging is increasing, I am blogging regularly. Is this was the topic? The topic was Why am I blogging? Why? Continue reading

Stone Soup

stone-soupLet me tell you a story that I learned in my 2nd day at ColoredCow. There were 3 soldiers who went to a village in search of food. Villager sees the soldiers, were terrified and were unwilling to share food with them. So one of the soldiers starts boiling some water and put some stones in it. Seeing this, one of the curious villagers asks them what were they doing. The soldier told that they were making stone soup which tastes wonderful, although it still needs a little bit of garnish to improve the flavor, which they were missing. The villager does not mind parting with a few carrots to help them out, so that gets added to the soup. Continue reading

My First Day At ColoredCow

14th Of June, My first day at ColoredCow.


Me, Shubham and Dhiraj stayed in the office at night. So we had to wake up early in the morning. It was about 7 AM when I woke up. I took a bath sooner(which normally don’t happen, such early 😀). Then I went online and published a post about Why one should do an Internship? KD then invited me to ColoredCow Slack account(Slack is sexy). Then we all members of ColoredCow had tea after which there occurred conversation with Prateek. That conversation have various important points which has immense of importance in our life. Various do’s were told. One of them was to study Code Complete 2 properly. One point that I loved most and will try to adapt in myself will be deliberate practice. Continue reading

Why one should do an Internship?

intrenship internBeing the month of June, it is the perfect time for you to boost your learning by doing some kind of internship. I’m currently a 2nd year student who joined Coloredcow one day ago. Many of my friends and even my parents asked me why I joined internship at the end of my 2nd year when I had time during 3rd year. So here I am explaining the importance of internship with my point of view. Continue reading